SkyX Solar

Comprehensive Solar Solution

We offer an end to end solution to cater to the sustainable energy needs of commercial and industrial companies, at zero capex and opex from them and with zero disruption in their operations

1. Invest

1. Invest

We use our own balance sheet to invest and hence can deploy quickly; We have local investment expertise and are able to transact in VND. Zero capex and opex is required from our customer

2. Design

Site assessment and system design completed by our in-house team based on site specific needs

All permitting procedures addressed by our team to ensure full compliance with local regulation.

2. Thiết kế
3. Build

3. Build

We do a turn-key project delivery including procurement, installation and grid connection

World class tier 1 components and vendors are selected to ensure high quality solution

We are sensitive to provide zero disruption in client operations

4. Operate

We take the performance risk- perform active monitoring as well as preventive and reactive maintenance

We have the expertise to monitor and operate solar assets

4. Vận hành
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