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Broadly speaking, 1MWp can be built in around 5-8000 sqm of roof space. If you have a roof available with > 3,000 sqm area, a solar rooftop system should be feasible. Please give us a call and we can help evaluate exactly how large a system is possible on your site depending on building specific factors including roof type, shading etc.
A typical installation would take 3 months from contracting. Please see “”Installation Process”” for the detailed process. However, we have a strong local execution team and can help you achieve your sustainability goals even faster where feasible.
Not at all. The solar system will augment the power supply and be the first point of supply to your facility. The existing grid connection will continue to supply power to fulfill additional requirements including power beyond solar peak hours
This is one of our first checks on our site visit. Our structural engineers will evaluate your building, roof strength and other factors to determine if solar system can be installed as well as the right type of mounting structure and equipment suitable for your site.
No, let us take care of all that for you. Apart from designing, installing and operating the system, our team manages all local permitting and compliance to ensure a truly hassle free experience for you.

Not at all. We will take care of all operations and maintenance of the system including cleaning and preventive maintenance.

Yes, we can help you monetize your unused roof through the solar system. We can explain how the contract would work in this case at a detailed meeting.
We have provisions for this in our contract; the most simple solution would be for the new owner to take over the contract but we have other options too in case they don’t wish to.
We have an experienced international team and a strong company focus on design and process so this is extremely unlikely. However we would ensure we would cover any unlikely damage through insurance so there is zero risk to you.
No. We procure all solar panels, inverters, mounting structures and other balance of system from our qualified list of global tier 1 manufacturers so that we can choose the best available in the world at the best price.
We will give you access to an online monitoring platform and live display for full visibility and tracking of solar power produced.

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