SkyX Solar

Key Benefits to Industrial and Commercial Customers​

1. Economic benefit

  • End to End Solution Provided

    End to End Solution Provided

    Site assessment, system design, installation, operations and maintenance of the solar system

  • Zero CAPEX

    Zero CAPEX

    By the customer

  • Zero OPEX

    Zero OPEX

    By the customer

  • Savings in Electricity Bill

    Savings in Electricity Bill

    Long term committed discount to Vietnam tariffs

  • Clean Power

    Clean Power

    Customer gets clean power

  • Further Savings

    Further Savings

    In cooling costs for the building

2. Environmental benefit

For every 1MWp rooftop solar in Vietnam, the customer helps reduce following carbon footprint, on an average:

Giảm 18,000 tCO2e


18,000 tCO2e

Được bảo tồn 466,000 cây trồng từ hạt


466,000 Tree seedlings

Tiết kiệm 27,000 ngàn lít nước


27,000 Kiloliters of Water

Không phải tiêu thụ 42,000 thùng dầu

Not Consumed

42,000 Barrels of Oil

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