We are the holistic solar rooftop solution provider.

A Clear Roadmap to 100% Renewables

We can provide multiple solutions to achieve 100% renewable energy in your electricity consumption:
1. Ownership of Energy Attribute Certificates - EACs
2. Direct Power Purchase Agreement scheme – DPPA
3. Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) technology

Attractive Commercial Offer

With SkyX Solar's experience and expertise in project development, our commercial offer is one of the most attractive of the market

Best in Class Engineering & Design

1. Best System’s components
2. World-class Design
3. Smooth and Effective Installation
4. Safety and Quality Management System
5. International Insurance Provider
6. Comprehensive Operation & Maintenance Program

Fast & Efficient Execution

1. Capital Readiness
2. Local Engineering Team
3. Centralized Remote
Monitoring Center
4. Zero Disruption to Business Operation

Long-term Commitment

SkyX Solar focuses only in Vietnam and we will own and operate the solar assets for the entire contract term

Effortless PV rooftop system Asset Management Platform

1. Providing management dashboard, auto report & giving full authority to track historical and near real-time operation data.
2. Fully Customized Centralized Platform (Web-based, PC, Mobile Apps, etc).
3. Lived-tracking Advanced Performance Indicators based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) Data Engine.


We provide end-to-end rooftop solar solutions to meet the sustainable energy needs of our customers.


We use our own balance sheet to invest which allows fast deployment. We have local investment expertise and are able to transact in VND. Zero capex and opex is required from our customer.


Site assessment and system design performed by our in-house team and tailored to site specific needs.


All of the required licenses and permits are obtained by SkyX Solar to ensure full compliance with local regulations.


We do a turn-key project delivery including procurement, installation and grid connection. World-class tier 1 components and vendors are selected to ensure high-quality solutions. We are sensitive to avoid any disruption in client operations.


We take the performance risk, provide active monitoring, risk assessments as well as preventive and reactive maintenance. We have the expertise to monitor and operate solar assets with the state-of-the-art technology.

We can provide: Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs)

What EACs?

EACs is a certificate that:


(1000 kWh’s)


(1000 kWh’s)


1000 Green

Who needs EACs and Why?

By supporting carbon offset projects, individuals, businesses, governments can offset their emissions that are currently unavoidable and hence reduce their overall environmental impact.

How can the customer get EACs?

SkyX Solar can assist the PPA customers to smoothly obtain their I-RECs – one type of EACs often used in the world and industry related certification such as green steel, responsible steel, LEED, etc.

SkyX Solar can assist the PPA customers to smoothly obtain their I-RECs – one of types of EACs often used in the world and industry related certification such as green steel, responsible steel, LEED, etc.

Key Benefits

Economic Benefits

End To End Solution

Site Assessment, System Design, Installation, Operations And Maintenance


The Customer doesn't have to deploy any capital for the implementation of the solar system


The Customer doesn't have to bear any operational expenses related to solar system

Savings In Electricity Bill

Long Term Committed Discount To Vietnam Retail Tariffs

Clean Power

The Customer enjoys clean power from local renewable sources

Further Savings

In Cooling Costs For The Building

Environmental Benefits

For every 1 MWp rooftop solar installed in Vietnam, the customer reduces its carbon footprint and environmental impact as follows, on an average:




Tree Seedlings


Cubic Meters Of Water

Not Consumed

Barrels of Oil

Our Installation Process

first meeting

1 Week

Site visit & initial commercial proposal

2 Weeks

final commercial proposal and contract negotiation

2 weeks

contract finalization

3 Months

complete Installation & system energization

1 weeks
2 weeks

operating solar asset