Factories in Thailand will no longer need permission to install solar rooftops

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The government is removing the need for permits to install solar rooftop panels for factory operators, aimed at increasing the use of clean electricity.

Existing factory laws require entrepreneurs to seek permission before setting up a solar rooftop exceeding 1,000 kilowatts, or 1 megawatt, in electricity production capacity.

Advancements in solar cell production have enabled entrepreneurs to efficiently generate significant amounts of electricity while minimising the space requirements for installation. Stringent standards for solar cells have also been introduced to ensure safety for people and the environment.

The director-general of the Department of Industrial Works, Julapong Thaweesri, said they were in the process of removing the requirement for permission due to the private sector’s rapid interest in solar rooftops.

Factories in Thailand will no longer need permission to install solar rooftops

He added that the department would also support entrepreneurs in securing funds for solar rooftop installations by approving the use of factory machines as collateral when applying for loans at state-run banks, such as Krung Thai Bank and Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand.

Julapong said that last year a total of 169 industrial operators had applied for permits to install solar rooftops, increasing 90% from the previous year. He expected the number of operators interested in installing solar rooftops this year to double.

He added that the department had also been running a machine registration campaign for SME operators since 2016. The campaign aims to educate entrepreneurs about how to properly maintain their machines as well as encourage the adoption of new technology that will help entrepreneurs increase productivity and reduce energy costs.

So far, 2,998 entrepreneurs have joined the programme, with over 12,500 machines either being optimized or replaced with more efficient alternatives.


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