SkyX Solar is a world-class rooftop solar and distributed energy solutions provider for the commercial and industrial (C&I) customers in Vietnam.

The Vision

Together, we shape and accelerate the transition towards a sustainable energy development.
Being the "MEGA - Make Earth Green Again" leader.

The Mission

To transform the vast ‘idle’ roofs in Vietnam with clean power, with best in class technology, engineering and client service.

SkyX Solar has more than 100 MWp of projects under operation and/or development with global and local creditworthy clients.

We provide an end-to-end solution to our clients, delivering clean energy for the long term with zero effort from customers while ensuring significant savings

Our in-house design and engineering team ensure a best in class solar solution tailored to client needs and local Vietnam requirements

We hire and source world class tier 1 suppliers and equipments for our projects

We take care of all licenses required to build and operate these systems making this totally hassle-free for our clients (partners)

We are a strong experienced solar team based locally, focused long term on Vietnam and backed by international investors adhering to global HSE standards

The founding board and management team collectively has >10 years experience in energy development and business building

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We have ambitious growth plans and want to partner with more companies, industrial parks and develop many hundreds of solar capacity in the country and doing our positive contribution to the world.