Overcome disadvantage of solar energy with SkyX Solar Solution

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Solar energy is one of the cleanest and most abundant renewable resources. Thanks to its outstanding advantages, solar power is today considered a popular alternative to traditional non-renewable energy types. However, the development of solar power will also have several difficulties. Let’s find out these obstacles and how SkyX Solar overcomes them:

A Solar project using SkyX Solar’s Zero Capex model

HUGE INVESTMENT: Using solar energy requires a big investment that includes panels, inverters, storage batteries (if needed), cables, and installation costs. This can be a financial burden for businesses that want to transform to green energy

AFFECTED BY NATURAL CONDITIONS: Solar intensity varies during the day, week, season, and location, along with natural phenomena such as clouds and foliage that significantly affect the amount of electricity generated by the panels. Therefore, businesses need expert advice to design the solution that best suits their needs and conditions.

NOT SUITABLE FOR EVERY ROOF: To install rooftop solar panels, the roof needs a certain solid structure. Hence, it is necessary to check and strengthen (if needed) before installation.

HARD TO MOVE: Once installed, solar panels can be quite cumbersome and expensive to move due to their attachment to the roof. Therefore, the solar power system needs long-term investment to ensure the best profit. However, in the case of a transfer, this system can be a significant addition to the assets of the business.

HIGH TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS FOR INSTALLATION AND OPERATION: Due to the highly specialized nature and specialized technical requirements, the solar power system needs to be designed and operated by experts to ensure it meets the requirements for businesses, as well as achieves maximum operating efficiency.

Understanding customers’ concerns, SkyX Solar offers a ZERO CAPEX – ZERO OPEX solar solution to help customers use green energy and save electricity costs at the same time with zero effort.

Contact us now for advice on rooftop solar power solutions designed specifically for your business!

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