Notes for business to consider before starting your solar power project

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Solar power is increasingly being chosen by more and more businesses as an alternative to grid power, as it helps reduce electricity costs and contributes to environmental protection. However, the development of a solar power project is synonymous with long-term investment, it has many issues to keep in mind to ensure the highest efficiency and efficiency. Let’s take a look at some general points below:

Electricity needs of your businesses
To generate the economic benefits from the solar power system, your business must determine how much electricity you consume. All you need to do is check your electricity bill for the month or year to determine the average demand, thereby calculating the potential for electricity bill savings when replacing grid electricity with solar power.

Balance the load demand and output from PV for economic efficiency
Usually, sunny months produce more than rainy months. In addition, the performance of photovoltaic panels is also affected by several other factors such as shade, cloudy, etc

An efficient solar panel system had to balance PV power generation and consumption of enterprise, and automatically replenish it with grid electricity when electricity demand is high.

Determine the available space and area for installation
To determine how many photovoltaic panels will be used for the project, you need to determine the roof area, bearing capacity, roof layout, and orientation to design the most suitable system.

Calculate the amount of power generated from the system
You can refer to the NREL (US National Renewable Energy Laboratory) website for statistics on solar irradiance data to estimate electricity generation in your area. Note that solar irradiance varies with the seasons, so you need 12 months of data to calculate.

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Factors that affect photovoltaic panel performance
You need to be aware of the obstacles that can cast a shadow on your roof. Besides, because the project life is up to 20-30 years, you also need to pay attention to factors that affect the future, such as trees growing, new projects to be built, etc

Shadows can reduce the output of your system and can also damage solar cells. Even if it is small, it will affect the performance of not only that panel but also a bunch of other batteries.

Choose photovoltaic panels and spare part
There are hundreds of different brands of photovoltaic panels on the market, as well as thousands of spare parts that you need to research when developing a solar power system. Because it is a lifelong project, besides the efficiency and economy, you also need to pay attention to many other factors such as durability, loss level, system maintenance,…

Real-time solar power monitoring system
A good monitoring system platform will monitor PV panel performance, interactive power output reports in graphs, visual charts, integrate comprehensive system reporting and analysis tools with automatic report scheduling options. With today’s 4.0 technology, the system is capable of providing immediate damage diagnosis and early warning, remote configuration settings over the network.

In addition, it is necessary to have easy management decentralization and high security. The system operates throughout the lifecycle of the rooftop solar power project.

Solar power systems require high technology and expertise, so you need to consult an expert before getting to decided to invest in a project for your business. If you do not want to invest too much time and effort and still use renewable energy, please refer to the rooftop solar power solution for businesses with ZERO CAPEX – ZERO OPEX of SkyX Solar. Contact us for more information!

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