SkyX Solar signed PPA with TAN A DAI THANH group

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SkyX Solar has secured a significant partnership with TAN A DAI THANH Group, Vietnam’s leading manufacturer of water tanks and solar water heaters. This collaboration involves a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and SkyX Solar will invest in developing and operating the rooftop solar systems at two of TAN A DAI THANH’s facilities.

Under this agreement, SkyX Solar will take the lead on investment, construction, and operation of the solar systems. This includes two installations: a 1.4 MWp system at the Tan A Ha Nam factory in Thanh Liem Industrial Zone, Ha Nam Province, and a 1.2 MWp system at the Stroman Plastic factory in Hung Yen Province.

The project signifies a commitment to sustainability for both companies. SkyX Solar’s “Zero Hassle – Zero Capex- Zero Opex” approach eliminates upfront costs and operational burdens for TAN A DAI THANH. SkyX Solar will handle all capital investments and licensing requirements, ensuring a smooth transition to solar power.

The implementation of these solar systems is projected to deliver substantial benefits for TAN A DAI THANH. Over the lifespan of the systems, they are expected to achieve cost savings exceeding $13.5 million. More importantly, the project will contribute to a significant reduction in carbon emissions, estimated at 3,151 tonnes annually across both facilities.

This partnership marks a major step forward in promoting sustainable energy solutions and reducing Vietnam’s carbon footprint. SkyX Solar invites everyone to join them in celebrating this milestone and their collective journey towards a cleaner and more sustainable energy future.

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